The 2nd International Conference on
Smart Applications and Data Analysis for Smart Cities

27thand 28th February 2018 - IDOU ANFA Hotel - Casablanca - Morocco

29 October 2017
15 October 2017
04 December 2017
15 January 2018
27th and 28th February 2018

Call For Papers

Presentation & Aims

SADASC Conference
SADASC'18 is the 2nd International Conference on Smart Application and Data Analysis for Smart Cities. It is the premier conference covering all contemporary areas in Data Analysis, electrical and industrial engineering and hence it is an international forum for leading researchers and industry professionals to share the passion of Intelligent Systems in these important and rapidly changing disciplines.
... show more SADASC aims at exploring and sharing the latest results, approaches, techniques, concepts, and technologies in smart cities. SADASC 2018, will take place in the lovely and highly vibrant city of Casablanca in Morocco at IDOU ANFA Hotel.

Previous edition of the conference
SADASC'18 is a continuity of previous edition :


Topics and Scope

Topics in which contributions are sought include, but are not limited, to the following:
• Smart City
• Smart Home IoT Big Data Analysis
• Advanced Intelligent Systems
• Big data and the internet of things
• Bioinformatics and Computational Intelligence
• Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
• Embedded systems
• Integration of IoT and Cloud computing
• Biotechnology
• Smart Grids
• Renewable energies
• Robotics and Mechatronics ... show more
• System Control
• Internet and mobile computing
• Safety and security systems
• Real-life Case Studies of Value Creation through Big Data Analytics
• Big Data Analytics and Metrics
• Foundational Models for Big Data
• Machine learning based on Big Data
• Lean manufacturing


Authors are invited to send their original and previously unpublished papers (6 pages maximum) in English following the template: word or latex. All papers will be peer reviewed and acceptance will be based on quality, relevance and originality. Extended versions of selected papers will be published in the indexed journal.

The Proceeding of the International Conference on Smart Applications and Data Analysis for Smart Cities will be included in Elsevier's SSRN's eLibrary.

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The full papers should be submitted to the SADASC'18 submission link: .

Organized by


Sebastian Ventura
Sebastian Ventura

Professor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. University of Cordoba
Dpt. Computer Science and Numerical Analysis. University of Cordoba
Campus Universitario de Rabanales. Edificio Albert Einstein
14071 Córdoba (SPAIN).

Sebastian Ventura (M’07-SM’09) is currently Full Professor on Computing and Artificial Intelligence in the Department of Computer Science and Numerical Analysis at the University of Cordoba, where he heads the Knowledge Discovery and Intelligent Systems Research Laboratory. He received his B.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in sciences from the University of Cordoba, Spain, in 1989 and 1996, respectively.
He has published more than 200 papers in journals and scientific conferences, and he has edited three books and several special issues in international journals. He has also been engaged in 12 research projects (being the coordinator of four of them) supported by the Spanish and Andalusian governments and the European Union. His main research interests are in the fields of soft-computing, machine learning, data mining, and their applications. Dr. Ventura is a senior member of the IEEE Computer, the IEEE Computational Intelligence and the IEEE Systems, Man and Cybernetics Societies, as well as the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM).

Jaafar Gaber
Jaafar Gaber

Associate Professor of computer science
Universite de Technologie de Belfort-Montbeliard, France (UTBM)

     Dr. Jaafar Gaber received his Ph.D. degree in 1998 from University of Lille I, France in Computer   Science and engineering. He is currently an Associate Professor of computer science at Universite de Technologie de Belfort-Montbeliard, France (UTBM), where he leads the research axis on mobility within the OPERA research Lab. Prior to joining UTBM, he was a research scientist at CSI Institute in George Mason University in Fairfax (Virginia, USA). His research interests include modern distributed systems, including IoT, ubiquitous and pervasive computing, high-performance computing, reconfigurable, embedded computing and distributed/parallel algorithms. He has served in many editorial roles, chaired and co-chaired several international workshops and conferences. He has served also as external expert for research and technology evaluation outside EU or as expert for EU Cost action proposals evaluation. Dr. Gaber’s research has been frequently supported by European grants within EU FP6 and EU FP7 and industry. He is also involved in European EACEA agency projects. He served as Director of the International Relations of the university from September 2014 to September 2016 and he is responsible for the CS department international relations since 2011. He is a member of the IEEE and ACM.
Title : Fundamental of IoTs: methodologies, standards and Protocols.
The talk will provide a framework for understanding and exploiting IoTs including deployment strategies, highlighting the research issues to be handled on the role of system and hardware support, and sharing examples.

Ladjel Bellatreche
Ladjel Bellatreche

Full Professor at National Engineering School for Mechanics and Aerotechnics (ISAE-ENSMA),
Poitiers, France .

Ladjel BELLATRECHE is a full Professor at National Engineering School for Mechanics and Aerotechnics (ISAE-ENSMA), Poitiers, France, where he joined as a faculty member since Sept. 2010. He leads the Data and Model Engineering Team of the Laboratory of Computer Science and Automatic Control for Systems (LIAS). Prior to that, he spent eight years as Assistant and then Associate Professor at Poitiers University, France. He was a Visiting Professor of the Québec en Outaouais, Canada, a Visiting Researcher at the Department of Computer Science, Purdue University, USA and the Department of Computer Science of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China (1997-1999). His research interest focuses on Data and Model Management. He has co-authored more than 220 papers and received > 2436 citations (H-index=25). He serves in the Editorial Boards of International Journal of Reasoning-based Intelligent Systems, Inderscience and Scalable Computing and Communications, Springer and Computer Science and Information Systems Journal. He organized/co-organized numerous international and French Conferences and Workshops (ADBIS, DAWAK, ACM DOLAP, MEDI, IEEE SCC, WISE, EDA, BDA). He has acted as evaluator for funding agencies in Canada, Czech Republic, EU, France, Kazakhstan and Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research. He actively contributes in promoting research in Africa and Asia, where he co-supervised several students. He co-found several conferences and workshops (ICT-EurAsia, MEDI, CIIA, OAIS).

Ana Aguiar
Ana Aguiar

Assistant Professor at the University of Porto (UP),
and a researcher at Instituto de Telecomunicações (IT)
Porto, Portugal.

Ana Aguiar is a female Assistant Professor at the University of Porto (UP), and a researcher at Instituto de Telecomunicações (IT). She graduated in Electrical and Computer Engineering from UP in 1998 and received a PhD (Dr-Ing) in Engineering (Telecommunication Networks) from the Technical University of Berlin in June 2008. She is visiting faculty at the Computer Science Department at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, USA. She works on wireless networked systems, concretely on mobile sensing, mobile IoT and 802.11-based networks within the scope of several industry and state funded projects with applications in the field of smart cities. She has built the mobile crowdsensing tool SenseMyCity within the scope of the FP7 Future Cities project in Porto. She is also operating the UrbanSense platform of environmental sensors deployed in Porto. She applies data mining and machine learning to concrete problems in the field of smart cities, like congestion estimation and prediction, origin-destination matrix estimation, etc. She has published several journal and conference articles and is reviewer for IEEE Communications Magazine and IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, as well as several IEEE conferences.


Big Data in Health Informatics

Resp. : José María Luna, Oscar Gabriel Reyes and Sebastián Ventura

The aim of the session is to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and discussions on Health Informatics on truly Big Data in order to deal with the current challenges in this topic. The special session is therefore open to high quality submissions from researchers working in learning problems using different techniques to extract knowledge from medical data.

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The topics of this special session include Big Data models for handling data-level difficulties extracting high valuable knowledge from medical data, and improving machine learning methods in areas such as:

  • Real-world applications e.g., in medical informatics, bioinformatics, social networks, biometry, etc.
  • Hospital and physician use of big data to assist treatment decisions
  • Big data and computer decision aids for treatment
  • Big data and health insurance
  • Big data and personalized medicine
  • Cloud-enabled eHealth solutions
  • Case studies of smart big data eHealth architectures
  • Privacy preserving and security approaches for large scale analytics
  • Supervised / Unsupervised / Semi-supervised learning
  • Feature Selection / Extraction / Construction
  • Instance Selection / Generation
  • Data streams
  • Imbalanced learning
  • Multi-label \ Multi-instance learning
  • Feature and label noise
  • Kernels and Support Vector Machines
  • Ensemble learning
  • Fuzzy systems
  • One-class classification / Learning from positive and unlabeled samples

Intelligent Information Systems and Modeling

Resp. : Pr. M.Hain & M.Kissi & O.Elbeggar

The main objective of Intelligent Information Systems and Modeling workshop is to provide a forum for discussions and dissemination of research accomplishments in Computer Science and Information Technology and to promote interaction and collaboration among scientists from the African countries and the rest of the world, and to encourage involvement of young researchers from the region.

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  • Computer systems organization
  • Software engineering
  • Standardization, interoperability, and legal aspects
  • Data Warehouse, Data Mining & Application
  • IaaS, SaaS, PaaS
  • Big Data Management
  • Big Data Models and Algorithms
  • Database Systems
  • Mathematics of computing
  • Information systems
  • Human-centered computing
  • Computing methodologies
  • E-logistics, E-commerce and EDI
  • Mobile Application

Cloud, Parallel and Distributed Systems & Web Semantics

Resp. : Pr. M.Youssfi & A.Zakrani & J.Benhra

This track is a forum for both researchers and industry practitioners to exchange the latest fundamental advances in the state of the art and practice of cloud computing, identify emerging research topics, and define the future of cloud and distributed and high performance computing.

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Topics and Fields :

  • Parallel and Distributed Systems.
  • Multi Agent Systems
  • Web Semantics

Robot Interaction, Control, Communication and Cooperation

Resp. : Pr. M TALEA & N.Rabbah & M.Zegrari

Intelligent and industrial systems are becoming more involved in the lives of humans, all indications point to a future where many systems will co-exist and interact consistently with humans and between them. This innovative workshop will provide an opportunity for university researchers, research & development ... show more

companies and institutional research centres to share the latest achievements about Industrial machines, intelligent systems, control, interaction and cooperation between those cyber physical systems.
Topics of interest include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • Identification and estimation
  • Adaptive, predictive and robust control
  • Intelligent control
  • Robotics
  • Autonomous systems
  • Computational intelligence
  • Machine vision
  • Sensors
  • Smart structures
  • Human machine interfaces
  • IoT for technologies
  • Automation & Control.

Electrical and Electronic System

Resp. : Pr. A.Aitelmahjoub & N.Machkour & M.Moutchou

The topic aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experience and research results on all aspects of Electrical Energy. It also provides a premier interdisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends,

... show more

and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the fields of:

  • Green Energy.
  • Energy Resources
  • Energy Conversion
  • Instrumentation & Measurement
  • Electronic Design & Applications
  • Renewable Energy & Sustainable Development
  • Medical Electronics
  • Advanced Power System & Control System
  • Power Electronics & Electric Drives
  • System Modeling & Simulation
  • Fuzzy System Applications in Electrical System and Control Engineering
  • Home automation and its applications in the building
  • Intelligent building and energy optimization
  • Implementation of energy efficiency solutions (Renewable energies, thermal insulation)
  • Energy Innovation

Lean and TPM in manufacturing environment

Resp. : Pr. A.Meddaoui & F.Fedouaki

In a competitive economic environment, manufacturers are forced to face delay, quality and cost challenges. Hence, concepts such as lean manufacturing and TPM have emerged to resolve this problem by improving productivity. However, for many manufacturers, these concepts remain very difficult to implement and maintain.

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In this perspective, this workshop aims to clarify some failure factors and propose practical solutions. Researchers and industrials are invited to share case studies and models to help managers and stakeholders especially in SME's to improve productivity and reduce related costs.

  • Maintenance and reliability
  • Monitoring of manufacturing systems
  • Product life cycle management
  • Project management
  • Quality management
  • Logistics, transportation, and distribution systems
  • Supply chain design and performance evaluation
  • Production planning and scheduling
  • Warehouse and inventory management
  • Manufacturing executive systems
  • Quality and Industrial Performance
  • Industrial logistics


Resp. : Pr. S. TAYANE & B. Aazzab

The aim of this workshop is to foster the exchange of knowledge, experiences and ideas among scientists, academics, students, industry representatives and other professionals interested in biotechnology.

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Focus will be given to the following topics :

  • Biochemical Engineering
  • Bioprocess Engineering
  • Industrial Processes/New Products
  • Medical Biotechnology
  • Agro- and Food Biotechnology
  • Genomics and Bioinformatics
  • Environmental biotechnology
  • Physiology/Biochemistry
  • Biosourced materials and biomaterials
  • Nucleic Acids/Molecular Biology
  • Biomass and bioenergy



  • Registration is required for all participants of SADASC'18.
  • To be published in the SADASC'18 Conference Proceedings, an author of an accepted paper is required to register for the conference and the paper must be presented by an author of that paper at the conference unless the conference Chair grants permission for a substitute presenter. Non-refundable registration fees must be paid prior to the conference start.
  • Registration fees include conference sessions, conference proceedings, lunches and coffee breaks.

Payment method

Registration includes: Registration fees for the Conference include attendance for two days, the proceedings, lunches, and cofee breaks.

Author of multiple papers: If you have an additional paper accepted for the conference, you should pay a registration fee for each accepted paper

Multi-authors paper: Every paper must have at least one author registered. Other co-authors of the same paper wishing to attend the conference should register separately and pay the applicable registration fee. Author registration is non-refundable.

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Payment of registration fees: Registration for the conference will only be effective once all fees have been paid.

Payment by bank transfer: The only means of payment of the registration fees is the bank transfer to:

Association OCSI

Bank: Banque Populaire, Morocco

IBAN (24 Digits) : 190 780 21116 45403480001 81

What to send :

Once the bank transfer done, please send an email to : with:

  • a scanned copy of your payment (mentionning your full name and the paper ID(s)).
  • a scanned copy of your student ID – only for students.


General Chairs

  • Mohamed HAMLICH (ENSAM, CASABLANCA, Morocco)

Guests of honor

  • Mr. Mustapha BAKKOURY President of the Casablanca-Settat Region (to confirm)
  • Mr. Idriss MANSOURI President of the University Hassan II Casablanca (to confirm)
  • Pr. Ahmed MOUCHTACHI Director of the ENSAM of Casablanca
  • Dr. Jamila LAAMARI Director of Human Resources at the Ministry of Higher Education

Scientific Committee

ADIB Abdellah (FST-Mohammedia , Morocco)
AILANE Abdellah (ENSAK-Khouribga, Morocco)
AITELMAHJOUB Abdelhafid (ENSAM-Casa, Morocco)
HADDI Adil (ESTB, Hassan First University)
AL-SAREM Mohamed (University Taibah-Medina, KSA)
Ana Agular (University of Porto, School of Engineering, Portugal)
Athman Bouguettaya (Faculty of Engineering and IT, THE UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY)
AZOUAZI Mohamed (FS Ben M'Sik, CASABLANCA, Morocco)
BAKKOURY Zohra (EMI-Rabat, Morocco)
BAALLAL Azdine (FSAC-Casablanca, Morocco)
BAHATTI Houssin (ENSEM-Mohammedia, Morocco)
BAINA amine (INPT-Rabat, Morocco)
BEKKHOUCHA Abdelkrim (FST-Mohammedia , Morocco)
BELBOUNAGUIA Nour Eddine (FST, Mohammedia, Morocco)
BEN ALLA Said (ESTB, UH1, Morocco)
BELLAFKIH Mostafa (INPT-Rabat, Morocco)
BELOUAFA Soumia (FSB-Casablanca, Morocco)
BENHLIMA Laila (EMI-Rabat, Morocco)
BENHRA Jamal (ENSEM-Rabat, Morocco)
BENKHALIFA Mohammed (Mohammed V University, Rabat, Morocco)
BERRADO Aziz (EMI-Rabat, Morocco)
Bouchaib Aazzab (FMD Casablanca, Morocco)
... show more
BOUCHON-MEUNIER Bernadette (CNRS LIP6-Paris, France)
Boukouchi youness (ENSA, Agadir,Morocco)
BOULMAKOUL Azedine (FST-Mohammedia , Morocco)
Carlos Garcia (University of Cordoba, Spain)
CARRILLO DE GEA Juan Manuel (University of Murcia-Murcia, Spain)
Cristobal Romero (University of Cordoba, Spain)
El BEGGAR Omar (FST-Mohammedia , Morocco)
El BOUZIRI Adil (FST-Mohammedia , Morocco)
El Kebch Ali (ENSAM, Casablanca, Morocco)
Akhiate Aziz (ENSAM, Casablanca, Morocco)
El moukhtar Zemmouri (ENSAM, MEKNES, Morocco)
EL OUALIDI Moulay Ali (ENSEM, Casablanca, Morocco)
ELHOUSSAINI Souad (ENSAM, Casablanca, Morocco)
ELMAGRI Abdelmounaim (ENSET, Mohammedia, Morocco)
ELMATI Khoumri (FSTM, Mohammedia, Morocco)
Ennaji Mohammed (ENSAM, Casablanca, Morocco)
Faycal Fedouaki (ENSAM, Casablanca, Morocco)
FERNANDEZ Joao (University of Minho-Braga, Portugal)
Guemimi Chafik (ENSAM, Casablanca, Morocco)
HAIN Mustapha (ENSAM, CASABLANCA, Morocco)
IDRI Ali (ENSIAS-Rabat, Morocco)
Jaafar Gaber (UTBM, France)
JANATI IDRISSI Mohamed Abdou (ENSIAS-Rabat, Morocco)
José Maria (University of Jaén, Spain)
Karim Afdel (University Ibn Zohr, Agadir, Morocco)
KETTANI Anass (FSB, Casablanca, Morocco)
KISSI Mohamed (FST-Mohammedia, Morocco)
KRATZ Frédéric (INSA Centre Val de Loire-Bourges, France)
LAGRAT Ismail (ENSA, Khouribga, Morocco)
LAHBY Mohamed (ENS, Casablanca, Morocco)
LEGHRIS Cherkaoui (FSTM-Mohammedia, Morocco)
MAJDOUL Redouane (FSTS-Settat, Morocco)
MARZAK Abdelaziz (FSB-Casablanca, Morocco)
Mohamed Laaraj (ENSAM, Casablanca, Morocco)
Mohamed Moutchou (ENSAM, Casablanca, Morocco)
MOUJABIR Mohamed ((FS-Khouribgua, Morocco))
MOUMKINE Noureddine ((FST-Mohammedia , Morocco))
Mourad BOUNEFFA (EIL, France)
NAJI Abdelwahab ((ENSET-Mohammedia , Morocco))
NAMIR Abdelouahed (FSB, CASABLANCA, Morocco)
Nour EL FATH Mustapha (University Laval-Laval, Canada)
OUKARFI Benyounes (FSTM-Mohammedia, Morocco)
Oscar Reyes (University of Cordoba, Spain)
OUHBI Brahim (ENSAM-Meknes, MEKNES, Morocco)
OUMAM Mina (FSB, Casablanca, Morocco)
RACHID Tahir (ALS Laboratory Group, Canada)
Rachid Anas (ENSAM, Casablanca, Morocco)
RAIHANI Abdelhadi (ENSET, Mohammedia, Morocco)
EL AOUFI Jamal (AIAC, Morocco)
RAFI Mohamed (AIAC, Morocco)
RAMDANI Mohammed (FST-Mohammedia, Morocco)
REBBANI Ahmed (ENSET-Mohammedia , Morocco)
RIFI Mounir (EST-Casablanca , Morocco)
SADDOUNE Mohammed (FST-Mohammedia , Morocco)
Sebastian Ventura (University of Cordoba, Spain)
Souad Tayane (ENSAM, Casablanca, Morocco)
TALEA Mohamed (FSBM, Casablanca, Morocco)
YOUSSFI Mohamed (ENSET, Mohammedia, Morocco)

Organizing Committee

  • Seniors
Ahmed MOUCHTACHI (Directeur de l’ENSAM)
Abdelmjid ABOURRICHE (ENSAM, Casablanca, Morocco)
Hicham MOUTACHAOUIK (ENSAM, Casablanca, Morocco)
Mohamed HAMLICH (ENSAM, Casablanca, Morocco)
Mohamed RAMDANI (FSTM, Morocco)
Mourad ZEGRARI (ENSAM, Casablanca, Morocco)
Nabila RABBAH (ENSAM, Casablanca, Morocco)

  • Juniors
Abdelkarim El KHANTCH (ENSAM-Casa, Morocco)
Khadija SABIRI (FS BM-Casa, Morocco)
Mahmoud RABBAH (ENSAM-Casa, Morocco)
Marouane CHRISS (ENSAM-Casa, Morocco)
Mouhcine TASSINE (FSTM, Morocco)
Youness KHATIB (ENSAM-Casa, Morocco)
Youssef WERZGAN (ENSAM-Casa, Morocco)
Youssef MSALA (ENSAM-Casa, Morocco)


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