Papers Accepted

Atae Semmar, Hajar Bnouachir, Nadia Machkour, Hicham Medromi and Meriyem Chergui. Modeling input data of control system of a mining production unit based on ISA-95 approach Mustapha Ahlaqqach, Jamal Benhra, Salma Mouatassim and Safia Lamrani. Multi-Objective Optimization of Heterogeneous Vehicles Routing in the case of Medical Waste using Genetic Algorithm Mohamed Atibi, Mohamed Boussaa, Issam Atouf, Abdellatif Bennis and Mohamed Tabaa. Hardware Implementation of Roadway Classification System in FPGA Platform Abdelkader Ouared and Fatima Zohra Kharroubi. Moving Database Cost Models from Darkness to Light Pamela Al Alam, Denis Hamad, Joseph Constantin, Ibtissam Constantin and Youssef Zaatar. Dynamic Partitioning of Transportation Network using Evolutionary Spectral Clustering Jamal Mawane, Naji Abdelwahab and Mohammed Ramdani. Unsupervised Deep Collaborative Filtering Recommender System for E-Learning platforms Mohamed Daoud, Asmae El Mezouari, Noura Faci, Djamal Benslimane, Zakaria Maamar and Aziz El Fazziki. Automatic Microservices Identification from a set of Business Processes Lahcen Aguni, Samira Chabaa, Saida Ibnyaich and Abdelouhab Zeroual. Implementing an ANN model to predict the notch band frequency of an UWB antenna Ait El Fqih Mohammed, Khalil Essaadaoui, Brahim Boubeker and Mohamed Idiri. Numerical Study of damaged, failure and cracking of concrete beam reinforced by honeycomb sandwich panel structures Imane Nizar, Youssef Illoussamen, El Hossein Illoussamen and Mohammed Mestari. Safe and optimal path planning for autonomous UAV using a Decomposition-Coordination method Houda Amazal, Mohammed Ramdani and Mohamed Kissi. Towards A Feature Selection For Multi-Label Text Classification in Big Data Samir Ouchani. Towards a Security Reinforcement Mechanism for Social Cyber-Physical Systems Houda Benkerroum, Walid Cherif and Mohamed Kissi. Optimization of LSTM algorithm through outliers–application to financial time series forecasting Sara Berrouk and Mohamed Sadgal. A multimodal route recommendation framework for urban congestion management Sanaa Benlaajili. Optimization of Truck-Shovel Allocation Problem in Open-Pit Mines Lamia Berkani, Rima Hanifi and Hiba Dahmani. Hybrid Recommendation of Articles in Scientific Social Networks Using Optimization and Multiview Clustering Mohammed Hamim, Ismail El Moudden and Hicham Moutachaouiq. Decision Tree Model Based Gene Selection and Classification for Breast Cancer Risk Prediction Sohaib Baroud, Soumia Chokri, Safa Belhaous, Zineb Hidila and Mohammed Mestari. An Articial Neural Network Combined to Object Oriented Method for Land Cover Classication of High Resolution RGB Remote Sensing Images Abdelaziz El Fazziki, Hasna Elalaoui Elabdallaoui and Mohamed Sadgal. E-participation and Block-chain-based framework in E-government for mapping corruption Maho Wielfrid Morie, Iza Marfisi-Schottman and Bi Tra Goore. LGMD: Optimal Lightweight Metadata Model for Indexing Learning Games Safia Baali, Hicham Moutachaouik and Abdelaziz Marzak. Toward a Recommendation System :Proposition of a New Model to Measure Competences Using Dimensionality Reduction Safa Belhaous, Zineb Hidila, Sohaib Baroud, Soumia Chokri and Mohammed Mestari. An execution time comparison of parallel computing algorithms for solving Heat Equation Zakaryae Boudi, Abderrahim Ait Wakrime, Mohamed Toub and Haloua Mohamed. Building Valid Career Ontologies with B-CPNs Hicham Moujahid, Bouchaib Cherradi and Lhoussain Bahatti. Convolutional Neural Networks for Multimodal Brain MRI Images Segmentation: A Comparative Study Anton Vedeshin, John Mehmet Ulgar Dogru, Innar Liiv, Dirk Draheim and Sadok Ben Yahia. Smart Cyber-Physical System for Pattern Recognition of Illegal 3D designs in 3D Printing